Will “Fixing” Your Dog Lead to a Longer, Healthier Life?

During much of the last century, sadly the United States topped all other countries in the developed world for shelter dog euthanasia rates. But in the early 1970s when the American public learned that at least 13.5 million shelter dogs were being euthanized each year, they rallied to solve the problem. Spaying/neutering won widespread acceptance and by 2018, the shelter dog death rate had dropped by more than 95%.

Today, 85% of owned dogs in the US are neutered, chiefly to prevent unwanted litters. This remains true even though many regions of the country are experiencing dog shortages so severe shelters must import dogs to remain in operation.

Another long-cited benefit of neutering dogs, however, is being reexamined: the claim that neutered dogs, live longer, healthier lives. This claim may be proving to be too good to be true … 



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