Going viral, but not in a good way

Pandemic 101: Captive Classroom

Today we are introducing one of our long-planned projects called Consider the Source and along with its introduction, we will be presenting a series of short pieces related to COVID-19. We’ll typically offer articles more directly related to animals, but with a pandemic disrupting our lives, we thought a series shedding light on the subject of virulent diseases might be interesting. So, over the next couple of weeks, while we’re all housebound, we’ll be introducing a number of short pieces on viruses, contagion, pandemics, and a host of similar issues.

Huge thanks to our board member, Dr. J. Richard Schrock for providing the framework, expertise, and much of the writing for this series.

6-Part Series:

1- Viruses: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral?

2, Contagion Rates: How they are affected by knowledge and behavior

3. CFR and IFR explained (with a special guest appearance by Typhoid Mary)

4. Mice, chickens and the Spanish flu


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